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Sunday, November 13, 2011


This show is about a normal U.S. Marshal that is transplanted into a sci-fi town of super scientists. The whole town is technologically advanced beyond anything else. The story is pretty good, the character relationships span multiple episodes. Each episode has a single plot that is dealt with by the end of the show. There is an underlying plot to each season. Overall it kept my interest when very few shows have been able to.

Profile of some characters:

Jack Carter is sharp and charming, with a quick wit and a street-smart edge. Dedicated first and foremost to his career, his separation from his wife has left him at odds with his teenage daughter, Zoe, whose brushes with the law have kept Carter nearly as busy as his day job. In fact, after one of Zoe's escapades, Carter had been driving her home to Los Angeles from Seattle when their car crashed outside the town of Eureka, setting in motion a sequence of events that resulted in him becoming the town's sheriff.

Colin Ferguson
Born in Montreal, Colin Ferguson grew up in Hong Kong, England, Connecticut and Toronto. He got into improv comedy to make money to put himself through McGill University, and was a founding member of Detroit's Second City comedy club while still in school.

Ferguson worked in a variety of occupations before he turned to acting full-time. He taught high school when he was only 19, planted 3,000 trees a day in the Canadian north and even worked as a mannequin in store windows. When he worked for General Electric (parent company of NBC Universal) on the assembly line at several factories, he never imagined that he would work for the company again as an actor.

Ferguson appeared in the romantic comedy Because I Said So, with Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore, and in the television movie The House Next Door opposite Lara Flynn Boyle.

Every Sunday for the last five years (when he's not on location), Ferguson has gotten together with the same group of guys to play street hockey behind a local church. His love of travel has taken him to exotic destinations around the world, and he recently bought an old house which he is renovating himself.

Allison Blake is at a personal and professional crossroads. Time is running out for a decision on her relationship with Stark and the ambiguity of her friendship with Carter hangs over that decision. At Global Dynamics, Allison faces an equally daunting challenge when the Department of Defense sends in corporate fixer Eva Thorne, who apparently wields unlimited power to make changes.

Henry Deacon
Henry Deacon is a true jack-of-all-trades. Masquerading as the local mechanic, his feats of engineering are a constant source of wonder and amusement. Whether outfitting Eureka's police cruisers with the latest and greatest gadgets or inventing a global air-conditioning system, Henry has the keen ability to figure out the mechanics of nearly any contraption. Good ol' Henry isn't what he seems, however. Cursed with a four-year memory of an alternate future, he still blames Sheriff Carter for the death of his lost love, Kim Anderson.

Zoe Carter
Zoe Carter is Jack Carter's defiant, delinquent, and also terribly intelligent daughter. At 17, Zoe has matured a great deal since arriving in Eureka. Just because she has a boyfriend and a driver's license, however, doesn't mean she doesn't still butt heads with her father on a regular basis. Carter recognizes her increasing sense of responsibility but, having worked so hard to repair their fraying relationship, he finds it hard to face letting go.

Nathan Stark
Nathan Stark is a Nobel Prize-winning mathematician and Allison Blake's estranged husband. Charming to a fault and keenly brilliant, he gives Jack Carter a run for his money in the contest for Allison's romantic interest, but Stark's professional desire to push the boundaries of science eventually compromised his personal integrity and cost him his lofty position as the head of Global Dynamics. Stark is still in love with Allison, which explains why he has not yet granted her a divorce. Carter's presence in "his town" and budding relationship with Allison entrenches Stark as Carter's bitter rival.

Actually I think the series Eureka was becoming a bit of a chore for SyFy. So far it has been devoid of giant B-movie shark-osaurases or octo-terrapins or other Grade B movie monsters. Actual writers cost money and actual writers with some glimmer of wit and scientific acumen are hard to come by. Giant blob or shark scripts require few much less effort.
 I have the DVD's for all the episodes of Eureka so you might call me a "fan". Notwithstanding, about the end of Season 3 the level of actual science fiction dropped to a very low level. No challenging concepts, no really cutting edge theories. Jack Carter got progressively dumber and the romance angles became more the focus of the story. I think the series was getting a little long in the tooth and would have required some serious reorganization to remain cutting edge. If Eureka was just going to become another soap opera with quantum computers.

Also known as :   A Town Called Eureka
Created by : Andrew Cosby - Jaime Paglia
Starring :
Colin Ferguson
Salli Richardson-Whitfield
Joe Morton
Jordan Hinson
Ed Quinn
Erica Cerra
Neil Grayston
Niall Matter
Matt Frewer

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