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7-Fringe  (soon)
9-The 4400  (soon)
10-v 2009  (soon)
11-Bionic Woman
12-heroes  (soon)
13-Stargate SG-1
14-Stargate Atlantis
15-stargate universe  (soon)
16-Sanctuary  (soon)
17-Battlestar Galactica  (soon)
18-Doctor Who  (soon)
19-Caprica  (soon)
20-babylon 5  (soon)
21-Star Trek: Enterprise  (soon)
22-Star Trek: Voyager  (soon)
23-Star Trek: The Next Generation  (soon)
24-Farscape  (soon)

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  1. Don´t forget Stargate Series [SG-1 (, SGA (, SGU (]!!!!