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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mutant X

Mutant X was a television series of Marvel Studios under the divisions of Marvel Comics as another Sci-fi and action's adventure series. Mutant X was created by Avi Arad and Rick Ungar, both of whom had worked on the animated version of the stylistically similar X-Men. The show had premiered on October 6, 2001 until May 17, 2004 as a one-hour show on syndicated broadcast.

The show archives the adventures of the mutants team, mutant x were used as test subject in a series of covert government experiments. Like hundreds of other unsuspecting people, the members of Mutant X were used as test subjects in a series of covert government experiments. The company behind the project wants to control these New Mutants for their own purposes. The mission of Mutant X is to seek out their fellow New Mutants, help them come to terms with their abilities, and protect them from those who want only to exploit their powers.


Adam (John Shea)has the serenity of a warrior poet - the perfect leader for Mutant_X., is arguably the smartest man alive - the strategist, tactician and moral center of Mutant_X. It was his genetic research that inadvertently created New Mutants - and he takes as his responsibility the salvation of these innocent victims of society.

Shalimar Fox (Victoria Pratt) fiery, feral and stunning, a sensual beauty utterly in touch with her primal self. Blessed with both human and animal DNA, Shalimar has the strength, speed,and cunning of the animal kingdomSwith a tempestuous nature to match. She is uncannily fast, inhumanly agile and sensually feline. Walking the line between human and feral, Shalimar is a little wild and completely unpredictable.

Brennan Mulwray (Victor Webster) is a tough, yet vulnerable, street-smart wiseguy with the astonishing ability to generate enough electricity from his own body to power a small city. A fast talking cavalier with an ingratiating grin, Brennan is a master of electricity - who throws bolts of energy from his fingertips. Brennan loves being a New Mutant - throwing off sparks is an absolute blast.

Jesse Kilmartin (Forbes March)is a sweetly naive and good-natured guy in his early 20s who can alter the density of his body at will - going from rock solid as a stone wall one moment-then walking through a stone wall the next. Jesse led a sheltered childhood, and still has a lot to learn about the harsh realities of the world, but he's more than proved himself an invaluable member of Mutant_X.

Emma deLauro (Lauren Lee Smith)is a mischievous knockout - a telempath who can communicate her own feelings - and receive the feelings of others around her. Emma can't read thoughts, but she can sense in great detail an emotional state of mind - and learn an awful lot about another person from it. When these gifts combine with her party girl personality, fun and trouble are a double guarantee.

Mason Eckhart is the head of the Genetic Security Agency - a man who hunts down New Mutants for his conscience and his country. Eckhart blames Adam for the failed experiment that requires him to be forever insulated in an impermeable artificial skin. His distaste for New Mutants grows everyday that Mutant_X exists. He won't rest until all these anomalies are under his control.

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